These beers may not be around forever, but they’re sure to make you never forget. Check out our current seasonal lineup below!

Fogcutter White Stout
It was notoriously rowdy, undoubtedly charming, and the place you probably had your 19th birthday. It was the Fogcutter. It stood as Kingsville's favourite watering hole for quite some time and is still a widely regarded topic of conversation among locals today. It was housed in our current location, filled with delightful local energy and people. This White Stout holds the spirit of the once-popular bar, relatively mild on its footsteps but once indulged it's a wildly wholesome, full-bodied experience.
5% ABV
  • Espresso & Vanilla Flavour • Pale Gold in Colour • Subtle Notes of Star Anise
Pelee Passage Imperial Stout
What's winter without warming up with a bold and boozy limited edition Imperial Stout? Our 2020 Pelee Passage has a striking table presence with a dangerously smooth drinking experience. You'll find notes of chocolate and coffee with a subtle black liquorice finish.
11% abv
  • Pitch Black Colour • Notes of Star Anise and Dark Chocolate
Keeper Black Lager
Vigilant in the most challenging circumstances, W.H. Black stood from 1902 -1925, guiding mariners safely to Kingsville. During crusades. Perhaps wary at first glance to the typical lager drinker, fear not, this beer is crisp and clean with hints of earthy and coffee flavours. Don't let the darkness overwhelm you, for there is a glimmer of light in the distance.
4.4 abv
  • Light and Crisp • Deep Black Colour

O’Donavans Amber Lager - Now Available!
In 2017, Kingsville opened it’s first brick and mortar brewery. Folks flocked from near and far to fill their pint glasses, trying brews that tested the taste standards of Essex County. Since day one, Grove head brewer Donavan McFadden has been pushing the confines of and changing the way this region enjoys craft beer. This one’s brewed for him... by him.
4.6 abv
  • Light Body with a Clean Finish • Red Colour • Hints of Toffee and Caramel
Sequel Golden Ale
Merriam-Webster defines a sequel as something that continues the story or develops the theme of an earlier one. What this beer signifies is exactly that. Welcome to Part 2. The next chapter. The subsequent development that is the timeline of The Grove Brewing Company. After nearly 5 years of painstakingly hard work and unrelenting support from the Kingsville community, the result is right before your eyes. Just like The Empire Strikes Back or Rush Hour 2, the original was great... but the sequel was better.
4.5 abv
  • Floral Forward • Golden Colour • Notes of Baked Bread

Summer Swarm Hazy IPA
Fishflies, Mayflies, June bugs, or Hexagenia limbata, whatever you call them... they're here. There's no denying it, the annual invasion of these vermin can surely be a summer buzz-kill. Together, we can seek refuge in this fresh, fruity and pleasantly-hopped Summer Session IPA. Take a deep breath, keep the patio lights to a minimum, call first dibs on your uncle's power washer, and crack open a can of Swarm Season until it all blows over... until next year.
3.5 abv
  • Tropical Vibes • Deep Orange Colour • Hop Forward

1933 Oktoberfest Lager - Now Available!
Known for its serenity and family-friendly lifestyle, Kingvillians actively protested against any rum-running activity from Windsor bleeding into their town during the early 20th century. To their relief, the black market came to a permanent halt on December 5th, 1933 when the U.S ended its nation-wide alcohol ban. Every year we present this Oktoberfest Lager to celebrate the legalization of alcohol and the part our region played during the Prohibition Era. Light copper in colour, rich German malt flavours, and a clean crisp finish, this lager defines freedom.
  • Medium Body • Balanced • Notes of Toasted Raisin Bread
Workhorse Brown Ale
Meet North and South, two infamous workhorses known for assisting in the construction of modern-day Kingsville. The brute strength and determination of these noble creatures were heavily relied on during a time without engines. With a solid backbone of malty flavours and an extra kick of caffeine, this beer represents the highly respected work ethic of North and South. Without them, the town may have been lost.
5% abv
  • Malty Backbone • Dark Brown • Rich Coffee & Caramel Aroma
Henderson Jacobs Honey Kolsch
Essex County was a destination on the famous Underground Railroad. Henderson's and Jacobs, two former slave families, crossed the Great Lakes together to gain freedom, settling on their own 2nd and 3rd concession Gosfield Township properties. Hiram Walker rented rail line rights of way across Black owned farms to Paradise Grove, purchased their crops for his distillery and hired them to work at the Mettawas Hotel. Carving out a new life was hard, but rewarding. The Henderson’s, George and Catherine, were UGRR Conductors helping “The Black Thread in the Canadian Tapestry” settle in. Jacobs Farms produced honey. Jack Miner School is located on their former farmland. Henderson Jacobs is a honey-based brew that frees your senses and satisfies your palate.
4.7% ABV
  • Pleasant Honey Aroma • Light Bodied • Smooth Finish
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