These beers may not be around forever, but they’re sure to make you never forget.

session pale ale windsor ontario
Flatland Fever Kviek Pale Ale (Now Available!)
Being located in the southernmost part of the country, it's no wonder Essex County hosts some of the hottest summers in Canada. With the possibility of reaching record highs of 37°C, these days can make anyone delirious with the Flatland Fever. Kveik is a lot like our summers, a historic yeast with farmland roots fermented at extremely high heat. Do yourself a favour, get to the shoreline and stay hydrated with this unique refreshing brew.
3.5 abv
  • Fruity & Refreshing • Hazy Colour • Light Hop Aroma
Aurora Berry Helles Raspberry Lager (Now Available!)
At this time of year, in this part of the country, localized completely within these breweries, lives a phenomenon you thought could only be experienced in the north! Three of Kingsville’s finest brewers join forces to bring you a beer as fascinating as the Northern Lights itself. Smooth, refreshing, and slightly tart, this classic Helles Lager is made with local love and raspberries.
5 abv
  • Tart & Refreshing • Light Raspberry Aroma
Grove Banquet (In Stock!)
If you grow up in Essex County, making memories on Erie is inevitable. From attempting to catch a pickerel dinner, getting seasick on the Pelee Island ferry, or lounging in the bay with boaters alike; we are drawn to the lake in many ways. This lager is brewed with the Great Lakes in mind, fresh, crisp and easy to enjoy. We often take for granted what our region has to offer, but one thing's for certain, life on the lake prevails.
5% abv
  • Light & Crisp • Pale Golden Colour • Toasted Grain & Malt Aroma
coffee blonde windsor ontario
Private Beach Coffee Blonde (Currently Unavailable)
Weekend mornings in cottage country are very special. Views of an endless lake horizon, rare species of birds singing their waking songs, and a serene feeling of freedom. It's not uncommon to enjoy these moments with a beverage, around here it's either coffee or beer. This sweet and refreshing blonde is brewed with whole vanilla beans and coffee from Kingsville's own Red Lantern Coffee Co. Sit back and find peace with a pint of Private Beach.
4.5 abv
  • Silky and Vanilla Notes • Blonde Colour • Coffee Aroma
Keeper Black Lager (Currently Unavailble)
Vigilant in the most challenging circumstances, W.H. Black stood from 1902 -1925, as a glimmer of light in the distance, guiding mariners safely to Kingsville.
4.4 abv
  • Light and Crisp • Deep Black Colour
O’Donavans Amber Lager (Currently Unavailble)
In 2017, Kingsville opened it’s first brick and mortar brewery. Folks flocked from near and far to fill their pint glasses, trying brews that tested the taste standards of Essex County. Since day one, Grove brewmaster Donavan McFadden has been pushing the confines of and changing the way this region enjoys craft beer. This one’s brewed for him... by him.
4.6 abv
  • Full Body with a Clean Bitter Finish • Copper Colour • Medium Hop Aroma
Workhorse Brown Ale (Currently Unavailable)
Meet North and South, two infamous workhorses known for assisting in the construction of modern-day Kingsville. The brute strength and determination of these noble creatures were heavily relied on during a time without engines. With a solid backbone of malty flavours and an extra kick of caffeine, this beer represents the highly respected work ethic of North and South. Without them, the town may have been lost.
5% abv
  • Malty Backbone • Dark Brown • Rich Coffee & Caramel Aroma
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