We are Southshore made and are pioneers of craft beer in the county, always brewing with tradition and our region in mind.

Located in the heart of Kingsville, Ontario, The Grove Brewing Company is a multi-award-winning craft brewery that, at its core, is grounded in the values of heritage. Through concentrating on classic brewing methods and preserving regional history, our brewery is relentlessly passionate about respecting tradition and engaging our local community.

The Grove's grand opening in August of 2017 was a highly anticipated event for it would be recognized as Essex County's first brick-and-mortar brewery. Housed adjacent with a historical landmark hotel, the brewery's identity is deeply rooted in the town’s long history of being a tourist destination since the late-1800s. This idea first became popularized by the infamous American entrepreneur Hiram Walker.

Being a significant figure in Windsor/Essex history, Walker is known best for establishing now present-day Walkerville and founding the distillery empire Canadian Club Whiskey. However, his often-overlooked feature was his influence on Kingsville's identity.

Walker constructed a railway through the Essex and Detroit Railway Company, which ran from Walkerville to Kingsville, encouraging many of his workers to explore and vacation along the Erie shore. Early visitors flocked to “Paradise Grove” to take a break from city life, basking in the beauty of its dense deciduous forests and breathtaking shorelines. The stories after and in between serve a rich history, and can be found on all of our beers.

Our heritage helped us recognize this region had stories to be told, so we took the time to listen. Today, we share the stories of when paradise was found by doing what we do best, bringing people together over craft beer that everyone can enjoy.
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