Island Style Hard Seltzer by The Grove Brewing Company is made from a blend of seltzer water, our gluten-reduced malt base, and a hint of natural fruit flavour.
With 100 calories, 2g carbs per 355mL serving and no added sugars or sweeteners, Island Style is the perfect craft beverage for those seeking a healthy alternative.
Discover the refreshing taste of Paradise Island Style Hard Seltzer today!

Lemon Lime

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Black Cherry

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Grapefruit Tangerine

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Gluten Friendly

We use a common brewing process where enzymes breaks down gluten proteins in our malt! Island Style may be clear of gluten, but it is made in our facility that frequently uses wheat and malt for beer. Brewery cleanliness is priority number 1 and we strive to keep gluten products as separated from Island Style as possible, but cross-contamination is always a risk. If you are highly celiac, we encourage you to approach any beverage with caution.

Natural Sugars Only

Absolutely no sugars or sweeteners are added to Island Style. The only sugars present are the naturally occurring sugars that are remaining after the fermenting process of our malt-based recipe. Even throughout the flavouring process, there is absolutely no artificial sugars or colouring is used.


Enjoy these flavours in house on tap! Mix and match and find your true flavour.

Lime • Cucumber • Grapefruit • Raspberry • Blueberry • Peach • Pineapple • Mango • Blackberry
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