Where the horizon awakens with a morning glow and the shorelines exhale out slow, there are stories sunken in Lake Erie below.

Paradise Lager
When Hiram Walker built the Lake Erie Railway, he built one track that specifically transported his workers to a place called “Paradise Grove”. Being right on the water and covered with green space, Walker established this area as prime real estate for vacationing. This is now modern-day Kingsville. We crafted this clean and crisp lager to reflect Walker’s intentions, giving our community a taste of paradise.
4.5% ABV
  • Clean & Crisp • Light Colour • Touch of Hops
Farmerettes Peach Sour
During the labour shortage throughout WWII, young women across Ontario flocked to work on farms to help sustain the Canadian agriculture industry. Groups of “Farmerettes” maintained over 100 crop fields, including numerous peach orchards in Kingsville. Farmerettes spoke of basking in the Essex County sun together as new friendships unfolded, the same way you should enjoy this refreshing Kettle Sour. Here’s to the hardworking women who pushed social boundaries and fed our nation.
4.5 ABV
  • Fruity & Refreshing • Pinkish Hue Colour • Peachy Aroma
Wescott Cream Ale
In the late 1800’s, Caroline Westcott’s “Mettawas Waltz” was a classic Kingsville groove. Although it was easy to learn, it still had a certain “hop” in its step, just so it wouldn’t be disregarded by the professionals. This medium bodied, smooth, and tamed Cream Ale makes for a solid entry-level craft beer while satisfying those with experience – perfectly reflecting Mrs. Westcott’s intentions.
4.7 ABV
  • Smooth & Refreshing • Pale Honey Colour • Light Top Aroma
George the Ghost Hefeweizen
If you know Kingsville, you know George. Haunting the King’s Hotel since the mid-1800s, the spirit of the sea captain has been a staple in local folklore. This one is for George, a classic Hefe, various sweet notes, and an appearance as hazy as the figure himself. Beware of trying to dissect and comprehend all the flavours… it may drive you mad.
4.2 ABV
  • Hint of Citrus and Clove • Hazy Gold Colour • Blood Orange Finish
Clubhouse Stout
Ruthless and relentless, the young ruffians of Clubhouse No. 2 certainly paint a more ominous picture of Kingsville. Although robberies to arson were common among the group, these boys were notorious for digging up graves and displaying them outside the clubhouse, dressing skeletons in full suits to deter visitors. This pitch black oatmeal stout was crafted to acknowledge our past, and that every history has a dark side.
4.7 ABV
  • Full Body • Caramel Coffee Flavours • Deep Black Colour
Division IPA
When Division Street was built it was a cause for celebration! Being the first major street developed in the growing township of Kingsville, the community rejoiced as they realized that they were experiencing a moment of historical significance for future generations to come. This IPA is super hop-forward and copy’s the turbulent characteristics mentioned above. The balanced finish to this brew pays tribute to the settlers never getting ahead of themselves, finishing the job with modesty.
6.2 ABV
  • Full Body with a Clean Bitter Finish • Copper Colour • Medium Hop Aroma
Lupulin APA
Imagine being a general labourer during the birth of the industrial revolution. Now image the pure bliss of taking a vacation from that. When Hiram Walker shuttled his workers by locomotive from Walkerville to “Paradise Grove”, the workers experienced something quite similar to the “Lupulin Effect”. An active ingredient in this beer’s hops, Lupulin stimulates the mind and creates senses of euphoria, friendliness, reduced anxiety, and a craving for more. As Walker’s workers step foot onto the train, they emitted these exact feelings in anticipation for their week of leisure to come. Crack this can, and it’s all aboard the Lupulin Express.
5% ABV
  • Hint of Citrus and Clove • Hazy Gold Colour • Blood Orange Finish
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