Full Name: Mike Ascott
Nickname: Yike
Hobbies: Playin Guitar, Singing, Fishing
Fun Fact: Slept with his eyes open!
Favourite Beer: Lagers, Ales

Full name: Neil Martin
Nickname: Real deal Neil
Hobbies: Shotgunning beers, Snowboarding Black Comb Mountain, being a guardian angel to everyone who loved him.
Fun Fact: Kept the Vancouver Canucks well fed as a chef each hockey season!
Favourite Beer: Craft Lagers

Full Name: Chris Hughes
Nickname: Hughesy
Hobbies: Persistent puzzler, Cooking and eating unique foods, Knocking off work with a great beer and any sport on TV.
Fun Fact: I am proudly in Dua Lipa’s top 0.5% Spotify fans and there’s no stopping me when her music comes on.
Favourite Beer: Lagers, Blondes

Full name: Darren Grey
Nickname: Derby (it’s my dog’s name too)
Hobbies: Beer consumption & tracking (shout out to Untappd), Creating lists of jobs to do around the house, Being competitive (hockey, ultimate, COD, etc..)
Fun Fact: I used to do a bit of brewing myself back in school. It was horrible stuff – virtually undrinkable but we drank it anyway.
Favourite beer style: NEIPA

Name: Kirk Bowman
Nickname: Bow
Hobbies: Watching hockey with a cold beer, golf, travelling
Fun Fact: Retired after 17 years of professional hockey (which included the Chicago Blackhawks) to open a popular hockey school and coach youth in Leamington for 30+ years.
Favourite Beer: Lager and Pilsner

Your Face Beer is a just-for-fun contest where the public votes to put someone’s face on a beer can! It can be you, your neighbour, your cat, your professor from college, or even some dude at work who grabs coffees for the team from time to time. If you think they deserve to be on a can of beer, then nominate them!

Be it a satirical plot among friends to nominate the craft beer nerd in the group, or a cool way to show your appreciation for a member of your community, there are tons of reasons to try and get someone nominated.

And that’s the beauty of it.

All that’s needed to win a spot as a nominee is both proof of being 19+ and a Windsor/Essex resident (past or present). That’s it! A nominee doesn’t have to be some prestigious elite individual who drinks with their pinky up. Well, it can be, but that’s up to you!

Learn how it works below!
Nominate yourself or someone you know by January 31st either at the brewery or online.
Top 5 Nominees are put to a Public Vote to choose a winner.
Most Votes Wins Their Face on a Beer AND negotiates a beer type and recipe!
You must either nominate online OR at the brewery. If you nominate in both options, only your online nomination will count.


By clicking VOTE HERE you are verifying that you are 19 years of age or older.

Only one vote per person will be tallied. Voting Closes end Feb 11, 2022 at Noon.

By clicking NOMINATE HERE you are verifying that both you and the nominee are 19 years of age or older. You acknowledge that nominees must be past or present residents of Windsor/Essex County. You understand that the top 3 nominees will be contacted before the voting period to obtain proper consent and age verification.

Only one ballot per person will be tallied. One ballot cast at the Grove Brewing Company will count as 3 nominations, again, only one ballot per person. You must either nominate online OR at the brewery. If you nominate in both options, only your online ballot will count. You are more than welcome to nominate yourself. Nominations end Jan 31st, 2023.