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Since the late 1800s, our region has often been referred to as a "paradise", and we intend to keep it that way. "Preserving Paradise" is the Grove Brew House's way of doubling down on our environmental practices and community outreach, keeping the Southshore thriving and beautiful.

As we begin to develop our goals for this program, you can find our current sustainability efforts in our brewery below.

Being transparent about our goals and outcomes is a way we can stay accountable to you, our customer. By doing so, we also hope to inspire others to consider their impact on the world around them, and hopefully use their time on this Earth to be a force for good.

Our region makes it easy to access farm-fresh ingredients. Much of our hops and yeast are grown only a few hours away, and the majority of product in our kitchen are from local vendors like Loop Fisheries and Lee&Marias Produce. To us, “fresh” means “local”, and therefore we use locally sourced components when we can. No matter what, we ensure that we're using the freshest ingredients possible.
Investing into a water recovery system for both the condenser on the kettle and the heat exchanger allows us to utilize water more efficiently. These systems reduce our water consumption by 30% and keep a low water to beer ratio.
Recycling and reducing waste is something we're constantly exploring. Currently, we transport spent grain & brewers waste to Seacliff Energy in Leamington. They run a bio-reactor which uses specialized engineered bacteria to break down the organic matter into methane and organic compost for local farms. We also have repurposed spent grain to make bread, buns and dog biscuits!
With the recent purchase of yeast storage vessels, we are now able to repitch yeast instead of buying new every time we brew. This allows us to reuse culture and maintain a low-waste brewing process.

Make sure to check back soon!

We'll be rolling out our long-term plan in the near future!
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